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Momma's Favorite: Fitness Trainer

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Momma's Favorite is a high energy mother of two 8" pizzas and a 12" pizza who will be attending Northwestern State University in the Fall. She juggles being the official breadwinner of the family by working as a Fitness Trainer, practicing home cooking, and running a successful food blog. If this was not enough to take on in a day, she is also in charge of several different volunteer campaigns through a local church, where her pleasant personality and awe-inspiring stamina help galvanize the congregation to help "The least of these" where they can. She takes special pride in her refreshing, vitamin-packed toppings which include: generous helpings of garden fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and minced garlic. She is well-known for her strong advocacy for Peggy's special Whole Wheat dough formula, stating that "whole wheat not only enhances her flavor, but the overall fiber content of the meal--the benefits of which any health conscious consumer knows thoroughly."

Cheez: Good evening Mrs. Momma's Favorite.

Momma's Favorite: Hey Darlin' how are you today!

Cheez: Great! Looking forward to interviewing you tonight.

Momma's Favorite: I am looking forward to this tooo! I am so grateful to be here in this position and to be receiving praise from so many of Peggy's customers. I truly am blessed!


Cheez: I love your attitude coming into this. I can see why so many of the other Pizzas have already endorsed you for the campaign. I'm sure you were thrilled when Super Veggie, Veggie Special, and the Greek Pizza, quickly endorsed your campaign once the finalists were announced. All three of pizzas concurred with Super Veggie's statement that "She is the defacto health-conscious candidate of this election! You just can't beat those fresh tomatoes!" This brings me to the obvious question. "Why, exactly, are you the healthy choice for this campaign?"

*Momma's Favorite claps and squeals with delight*

I am SO glad you asked me that question. I figured this question was comin' so I prepared a source for you. I could talk about this for days! My three main toppings include fresh tomatoes, artichokes, and minced garlic! I'm going to assume most customers know the well-documented benefits of tomatoes and garlic, but Artichokes are a little less known in the United States. I love Artichokes and their amazing health benefits so much so much that I actually memorized some facts from a nice little article from another Artichoke aficionado--*hands Cheez a piece of paper with website written down*

This article, titled "What are Artichokes good for?" summarizes the health benefits of Artichokes:

"Nutritionally, they’re proven cancer inhibitors, supplying excellent amounts of vitamins C and K, and folate." Another benefit of artichokes is the 25 percent daily requirement of vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, providing antioxidant action to protect cells from damage from free radicals (such as air pollution), which are formed as our bodies convert food into energy. Vitamin C also supplies collagen to help wounds heal quickly and protects the body from disease by helping it absorb iron.Other extras in artichokes include 24 percent DV of vitamin K (another antioxidant), and folate (22 percent, for making and maintaining RNA and DNA cells, and to help prevent anemia). Minerals also are plentiful, serving up good amounts of magnesium, manganese, copper, potassium, and phosphorus."

I also go well with many other toppings as well. Some customers order me with Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, and many other toppings as well. Alfredo Sauce also seems to be very popular as an alternative to Peggy's pizza sauce. It is really hard to go wrong with my toppings!

Cheez: Wow that's pretty impressive. I guess you also answered the next question I had as well as to how you go with meat.

Momma's Favorite: Oh yes Italian Sausage, Chicken, Pepperoni, and even Canadian bacon compliment my base toppings very well! It is hard to go wrong unless you just do not like vegetables. I understand some don't, but they are just so good for you!

Cheez: thank you for coming down tonight Mrs. Momma Favorite, it's always a pleasure to chat with you.

Momma's Favorite: Oh no, the pleasure is mine, sweetie, I hope your coverage goes well!

Is this your favorite candidate? Voting now open here. Share on Facebook to show your support as well!

about your author

Cheez E. Pizza has been retained by Peggy's Homemade Pizza for her decades-long record of bias-free reporting in the arena of Pizza Politics and straight-forward, "no-frills" style in the dining room and abroad. Her services will be invaluable during such a close campaign.


What Is Artichoke Good For? (n.d.). Retrieved July 17, 2017, from


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