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Calzones vs. Strombolis

At Peggy's Homemade Pizza, we often get questions about Calzones and Strombolis such as what are the differences between the two? What exactly are they? What's in them? What do they look like? Do they taste different? Much like pizzas across the world, both Calzones and Strombolis can also have their own flair depending on where you order them. You will also find differences on whether or not these items should have sauce inside or on the outside. You can read more about Calzones vs. Strombolis from an outside source by clicking here.

Toppings (Innings?)

We can put every topping we have available inside our calzones & strombolis! Our pricing includes 3 "toppings" of your choice (with the gourmet toppings counting as 2, just like pizzas). We can add extra toppings for an additional charge ($1.25/$2.50 each for 12" and $.75/$1.50 each for 8"), but we do caution that the more toppings you add, the more difficult it is to have a crispy crust...especially with calzones which by nature trap moisture inside.


By default, we do not put our sauces inside to help the crust crisp better. However, we do have customers who prefer sauce inside their calzones or strombolis and we are happy to do this upon request. Additionally, we have had requests for hot sauce, BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, and other combinations to add a special flavor to these calzones & strombolis and they often turn out pretty good. If you can dream it up and we have the materials, we can do our best to make it happen! Just let us know what's on your mind!


Our client-base generally prefers only mozzarella in calzones & strombolis, but there are also many who believe Ricotta cheese is a must-have for calzones and strombolis. We always have Ricotta Cheese on hand and will happily add it in for no additional charge upon request! We can add others cheeses such as Feta and Cheddar as well, but these two will incur an extra charge (Sorry!).

Need to Visualize the difference? Check the pictures below, taken and posted by a customer!

8' Calzone



Stromboli on wheat crust


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