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Pizza President Issues First Discount

As of August 1st, 2017 at 3 pm CST (opening hour), Pigout Pizza is your new Pizza President! As promised, Mr. Pigout signed one of his first "customer discounts" providing customers with a 20% discount on any Pigout Pizzas on Monday and Tuesday nights for the rest of the month. As a show of good faith to the voters who stood behind the other candidates he also added a 10% discount for the top candidates: Momma's Favorite, I'm Hungry, Peggy's Supreme, and Hawaiian. To summarize the benefits this new discount will provide customers the opportunity receive the following:


On Monday and Tuesday nights in August:

20% discount on any Pigout pizza regardless of size.

10% discount on any Momma's Favorite, I'm Hungry, Peggy's Supreme, and Hawaiian Pizzas regardless of size.


To get this discount, just let us know that you saw the Pizza President's new discount program and want to take advantage of those benefits.

Mr. Pigout stated that, "If this bill is well-received by the public, it may get extended and/or modified into further months." To show your support for our new President's decisive action, start ordering your pizzas now!

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