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Update: Pigout winning, I'm Hungry not far behind!

Have not voted yet? It's not too late! Click Here now!

Many of you participated in the early polling of all 18 Pizza Combos which allowed us to select the top five candidates for Pizza President. Thanks for your support! At the end of that vote, it appeared Pigout and I'm Hungry were neck and neck as the winners.

The top 5 pizzas are now fighting in the current Runoff Election. This time, winner takes all! The pizza who wins the "presidency" will offer its new constituents a special discount to be decided on Inauguration Day.

One week into the election shows Mr. Pigout pizza commanding 1/3 of the vote so far (31.82%). I'm Hungry (25%) and Supreme (20.45%), the next contenders, have seen their loyalists in a state of uproar as this upstar continues to give the reigning president (I'm Hungry) a run for his toppings. Surprisingly low in the running is Hawaiian at 6.82%, who seems to believe the "people just need to embrace Pineapples on pizza already, man! It's like a thing now..." Momma's Favorite is also still fighting strong at 15.91% of the vote.

It is still a little early to determine our winner! Not satisfied with Pigout for President? It's not too late to vote! Already voted? Join the campaign trail and share this post on Facebook! The Candidates are all offering a special 20% discount on your next order of their brand of pizza--assuming you support their campaign! For example, Share this post telling your friends which pizza you voted for (e.g. I'm Hungry,) and get a discount on your next pizza based on that vote. To redeem this discount just remind Peggy's staff when you order!

Stay tuned! Prize raffles to be announced soon!

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Cheez E. Pizza has been retained by Peggy's Homemade Pizza for her decades-long record of bias-free reporting in the arena of Pizza Politics and straight-forward, "no-frills" style in the dining room and abroad. Her services will be invaluable during such a close campaign.

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