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Subscriber Raffle #1

Hi Folks! As promised, we are finally kicking off our "coupon" raffle! It was tough to decide, so we put all of our potential discounts together and raffled out 5 of them. We then assigned all of our subscribers a number and "raffled" using a random number generator.

Our five prizes raffled this weeks are:

  1. Buy 2 small pizzas and get a 3rd small pizza free (up to 3 toppings).

  2. Buy 2 specialty pizzas and get your choice of either free mozzarella bread sticks or a small garden salad.

  3. Free Mozzarella breadsticks with your next order over $15.00.

  4. Buy 3 small garden fresh salads and get a 4th one free.

  5. Free drinks (1 drink per person, up to 4) with your next dine-in order.


Your winners are (corresponding with the numbers above):

1: Melinda Mcmillian

2: Carla Walker

3: Lynnel Gill

4: 10 Joey Cox

5: Kim Cain

Offers are valid for the month of August. To redeem just tell your server your name and subscribing email address!

Any Feedback? Comment below and help us make future raffles better!

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