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Online Ordering Update: Half and Half Pizzas now available!

By popular demand, we have finished updating our online system to fix for minor bugs, streamline the experience, and as this title suggests, including half and half pizza options through our online ordering system. You should now be able to order just about any half and half pizza. If something is not right, please let us know no matter how small the error! We have made a lot of changes and updates thanks to customer feedback in the last couple weeks to help streamline the process. Note: our online system does currently support Poorman Special as a half and half option, but we can still do it over the phone or in person.


Many pizza customers enjoy the benefits of ordering a half and half pizza. It's a great way to get different flavors for less money and also aids those who prefer to avoid over-ordering! However, from a business standpoint, making these pizzas is often more time consuming than a standard pizza. In some cases it is like making two pizzas at one time! This leads to a reasonable assumption by most pizza experts, that the customer should pay more for this extra work. That said, the usual practice other pizzerias employ is to charge for the most expensive half of the pizza or charge per topping on either side.

Peggy's Homemade Pizza makes it a point to not charge this way! We know we could make more money by following suit, but we believe in fair and honest pricing for our customers. We happily go the extra mile to cater to our customer's needs and instead use a simple, fair formula to charge for our half and half pizzas:

1/2 price of Side A + 1/2 price of Side B = Your Pizza Price

If you were to order a Large ½ Pepperoni, Mushroom, and onions ½ Pepperoni, we would average the toppings (3 +1 = 4 * ½ = 2) and only charge the 2 Topping price where some other pizzerias would charge you for a 4 topping pizza.

For Specialties, A Large ½ Cannibal ½ Pigout = ½18 + ½16 = 9 + 8 = 17. A chain pizzeria would charge for the most expensive side ($18).

Let's take an extreme example. a Large I'm Hungry Pizza is $24.75 whereas a Large Pepperoni Pizza is $12.00. If you were to get these two halves on one pizza, it would be expressed as:

½ 24.75 + ½12.00 = 12.375 + 6.00 = 18.375 which is then rounded to 18.38.

That is more than a 6 dollar savings on one pizza vs. how other places would charge you!

additional notes on pricing

Due to some prices not being even numbers, rounding to the nearest cent, some half and half prices can come out to be a few cents more expensive than anticipated. This will be remedied in our future price changes.

Please note that we generally do not offer splitting pizzas into 1/3's or 1/4's (or futher!) as this is time-consuming and would detract from our ability to fill other orders on a busy night! We can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, but would instead recommend thinking outside the "pizza box" and consider ordering smaller pizzas or a mixture of items (Salads, wings, pastas, bread sticks) to meet your dinner needs! For example, some couples will order two small specialty salads and split a small half and half pizza and find that is plenty.

Please be aware of any food allergies when ordering your half and half pizzas! For example, if the person(s) you are eating with is/are allergic to shrimp, ordering a half New Orleans pizza is probably not a good idea! If anyone has food allergies please let us know and we will find a way to accommodate you within our means!

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