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Front Runner Update: Pigout Pizza for President?

Thanks to all of our customers for your interest in our campaign so far! Voter turnout has led to some interesting results. If you have not cast your vote yet, please do so now at then comment which pizza you voted for and why on our Pizza For President, 2017 blog and share it on Facebook to receive a discount on the pizza you vote for! Also, if you have not subscribed yet, please do so now!

Early polls clearly suggest a devastating loss for current Pizza-in-Chief, I'm Hungry who sits at a measly 4.76% of the vote.

Our current front runners are:

1st place: Pigout

Tied for 2nd Place: Peggy's Supreme & Hawaiian

Tied for 3rd Place: Bacon Cheeseburger & House Special

Pigout Pizza Interview

We managed to ask Pigout, who has secured 23.81% of the vote, a few questions while he was taking a quick break on his massive pig farm. He told us that he grew up on the pig farm and has worked there his entire life. His favorite movies are "Babe" and "Gordy." He is proudly an organ donor and he believes whole-heartedly in the cliche, "Pork is the other white meat." This means, in his opinion, the best pizza includes only pork products with an emphasis on Bacon.

When asked why an emphasis on bacon is important, Pigout snorted loudly then squealed, "EVERYONE LOVES BACON!" It seems pork is on the fast track to finally getting the respect it deserves as a yummy addition to any pizza. Disagree? Cast your votes now for your favorite pizza!

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