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Pizza for President, 2017

Did you know Peggy’s Homemade Pizza actually has yearly elections for "pizza president?" If the answer is "No," that is because I’m Hungry has reigned “Supreme” for countless years with no other pizza daring to run a campaign against him! This year, that all changes!

Super Veggie, noticing increasing trends in her own popularity, has officially announced her own campaign in spectacular fashion by promoting the use of Whole Wheat Crust and a vegetarian diet! She insists that she can be Vegan-friendly by "holding the cheese!" Feeding off this bold move, the other Pizza Combos have followed suit putting their own bids in to see how much the public loves them as well!

Ms. Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato pizza, who prefers the acronym "BLT", in her typical regal fashion is quoted as saying "Of course I have no illusion that I have any real chance at winning, but this is a great chance to finally get my unorthodox brand out there! People who love bacon and salad deserve to know that I offer a beautiful fusion of a crispy bacon pizza topped with fresh, cut-to-order lettuce and tomatoes. Those who have had a taste of what I have to offer have never disappointed!"

Mr. Meat Market, flexing his muscles, gloated in his characteristically macho voice that "The people understand that protein is the primary nutrient and men and women alike who want to build muscle and maintain a strong physique should only have to look at my "beefy" qualities to see that I get results!"

There are a total of 18 contenders in this race! Since this is an unprecedented number of choices, Peggy has decided to hold open polls to the public until we receive enough votes to clearly determine the front-runner Candidates. Votes will be taken online by clicking the image below, or you can fill out a voter registration form on-site at Peggy's Pizza. Once determined, the finalists will be placed on the official ballot for the upcoming election to be kicked off on the Fourth of July.

As an added incentive for early polling, the pizza combo you voted for will offer a 10% discount on your next purchase of its kin (it’s a cut-pie world). To be eligible for this discount, please leave a comment on this blog post below telling us which pizza you voted for and why, then share it with your friends and family on Facebook. To redeem this early-poll discount, just tell us "I voted!" when you come in!

King Of Pizzas, 2017

Will early analysis be correct in predicting that the top candidates will be I’m Hungry, Super Veggie, and Meat Market? Let the people decide!!! Early polls will be held at The “run-off” campaign is tentatively scheduled to begin around the Fourth of July and will end when enough votes are gathered.

Join our mailing list and/or follow the campaign and future updates with weekly, in-depth analysis at

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