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Front Runner Update: I'm Hungry comes back swinging in latest polls!

Thanks again to all of you and your hard work in making this campaign a success! Last week's voter turnout was strong and actually doubled the number of votes we already had tallied (Amazing!). If you have not cast your vote yet, please do so now at then comment which pizza you voted for and why on our Pizza For President, 2017 blog and share it on Facebook to receive a discount on the pizza you vote for! Also, if you have not subscribed yet, we recommend doing so as we plan to keep our customers in the loop on all current events at Peggy's Homemade Pizza! Never miss the latest!

In a surprise turnout last week, Pigout was projected to win the election easily with his strong front runner showing of 23.81% of the votes with 18 candidates. Since then, the playing board has shifted dramatically. Pigout is still a strong contender, but the reigning president's supporters have finally showed why he has been in office for so long. Our updated top 4 front runners are:

1. I'm Hungry (15.09%)

2. Momma's Favorite (13.21%)

3. Pigout (13.21%)

4. Peggy's Supreme (9.43%)

It is a close battle and any pizza can end up in our runoff election with enough swing voters. Place your votes before midnight on the Fourth Of July as final runoff results will be announced on Wednesday, July 5th and the runoff campaign will begin! Expect complete biographies and "interviews" from runoff contenders in the coming weeks!

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