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Your Frontrunners Candidates for Pizza President are...

First, we would like to extend a special thanks to those who subscribed early and made this campaign a success! We will be sending out a special code to use during your next visit as a thank you for voluntarily subscribing early. We encourage all customers to subscribe as we will be offering specials and coupons in the coming months!

Our five runoff candidates, in order of highest poll rankings are:

1. I'm Hungry

2. Momma's Favorite

3. Pigout

4. Peggy's Supreme

5. Hawaiian

Honorable mentions: Bacon Cheeseburger, House Special, Poorman Special, and Meat Market. These 5 are expected to be prime competitors next election cycle as they were not far behind the top contenders.


We originally wanted to include the top 4 pizzas in the runoff election, but in a surprise twist Hawaiian received just enough votes to tie Peggy's Supreme.

The surprise breakthrough candidate this election is Momma's Favorite, whom we will interview tonight. She has already received strong endorsements from Veggie Special, Super Veggie Special, and Greek Pizzas all agreeing Momma is the defacto champion for health concerns this election cycle. We will be interviewing Momma in-depth soon! Expect exclusive interview updates from all candidates with a week as we kickoff our election campaign. We hope this coverage will help voters decide the best candidate in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and join our mailing list for on the fly updates!

After we release our coverage of the candidates, we will announce the early voting location! in the meantime, stay tuned and subscribe to our mailing list!

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