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6 Million Ways to Order a Five Topping Pizza!

As many of our customers know, we have been cooking pizza for over 20 years in Natchitoches. When asked if we have personally tried every combination on the menu, we have answered "Probably!" We eat pizza often, but not every single meal! Still, even if we were to eat strictly pizza, we could never try every possible combination!

It would take 42.8 years of eating a different pizza every day to try every possible 3 Topping Pizza. When we get into the 4 topping pizza range, it would take a Biblical Lifespan of 831.78 years to eat every combination. We have constructed a small table showing how the possibilities increase exponentially as you attempt put more on a pizza. The first calculation is assuming no repeat toppings (e.g. double or triple pepperoni) whereas the second calculation counts using the same topping multiple times.

Since none of us have a lifetime to invest in eating every possible combination, we come to the sometimes difficult question for tonight's meal: "What do I choose?"

When we get new customers, we have noted that many comment on how many choices we have and how it is difficult to make a decision. We even have regular customers who peruse the menu every time they order in a quest to try different flavors! Some even go as far as apologizing for taking a long time to order. An apology is not necessary as the math above shows, your decision can be quite complex indeed! Please, take all the time you need, and if you need help narrowing down your choices, do not hesitate to ask. We help with this all the time! :)

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